Advantages of tungsten carbide dies

September 15, 2020

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Tungsten Carbide Die

Tungsten carbide has a performance between the tools and construction materials between ceramics and high-speed steel, has a overall performance of high hardness, high strength, high density, corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance and low coefficient of expansion. Its life expectancy is ten times or even several times over steel. Commonly used tungsten carbide die is cold heading die, drawing die, hexagonal die, spiral mold, etc., Tungsten carbide die is very widely used in the mold industry. And the industry generally uses tungsten carbide cobalt.

WC-Co cemented Tungsten carbide is a new high-performance engineering materials. The direct use of the finished product after sintering alloy is widely used in molds, tools, measuring tools and wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant parts and other fields. The study found, WC- Co alloy can be heat strengthened, reinforced composite handle life of f tungsten carbide die is four times without heat treatment, is 50 times of the original the steel mold, technology, has a significant economic benefit.

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Advantages of tungsten carbide dies

1.tungsten carbide with high hardness, high wear resistance and high red hardness, at 550 ℃ still maintain more than 56HRC hardness;
2.Has a high modulus of elasticity, generally is (4 ~ 7) × 104kg / mm2, and excellent rigidity at room temperature;
3.Have a high compressive strengthwhich is greater than 6000MPa;
4.Have good resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and high temperature not easily oxidized;
5.Has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, suitable for manufacturing high ,precision, sharp die.

Tungsten carbide dies can be divided into four categories according to use:

1.Tungsten carbide anvil
2.Tungsten carbide drawing dies (such molds accounted for the vast majority of tungsten carbide die.)
3.Cold heading, cold punching, forming and shaping dies
4.Non-magnetic die
5.Hot tungsten carbide die

Several issues to consider when designing tungsten carbide die

1.Selected part object. It must have a high yield, good structural shape, quality and dimensional accuracy to meet the requirements, blanking part thick and other characteristics.
2.Rational use of tungsten carbide. For the most likely to wear on the parts need to analysis, if necessary, all the bottom and upper of die should use tungsten carbide. In some cases, such as structurally weak punch difficulty processing or fixed yet, you can use a reasonable tool steel and cemented carbide used in combination so that the mold manufacture and use must be the most reasonable and economical.
3.Convex and concave mold structure. In the tungsten carbide die processing conditions allowed, tungsten carbide mosaic structure more economical, easy to process and easy repairs in the overall structure of materials and processing .

Tungsten carbide die surface modification technology

1.A solid tungsten carbide infiltration techniques. Infiltration into the solid element is in the form of powder or paste coated on the base alloy, and is diffused in the hot state, the matrix alloy to form a surface diffusion layer is to achieve the modified purpose. Thereby increasing the hardness and tungsten carbide die life.
2.Tungsten carbide ion implantation. Ion implantation for carbide die, can improve their tribological properties. After the formation of the alloy interstitial nitrogen injection, point defects, dislocation networks, can improve its micro-hardness, mechanical properties and durability.
3 Tungsten carbide surface coating technology. Surface coating technology is designed to improve a wear-resistant , heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and soldering performance and is a new technologies to reduce the coefficient of friction.

Tungsten carbide die is a modern industry indispensable equipment. With the development of high-tech, many parts and products by cutting more and more being replaced by tungsten carbide die parts, so the tungsten carbide die market potential.